3rd and 4th grade Climate Survey


Welcome to the School Climate Survey. Your input is very important. Please answer the questions as best as you can. If you do not know the answer, leave it blank. If you have a question while you are taking the survey, please raise your hand and ask your teacher for help.

What is your gender?
 2. When I am at school, I feel:

I belong.

 3. I am safe.

 4. I have fun learning.

 5. I like this school.

 6. This school is good.

 7. My teacher cares about me.

 8. My principal cares about me.

 9. My teacher is a good teacher.

 10. My teacher believes I can learn.

 11. The work I do in class makes me think.

 12. I know what I should be learning in my classes.

 13. I am a good student.

 14. I can be a better student.

 15. I work hard in school.

 16. I behave well at school.

 17. Students at my school are friendly.

 18. I have lots of friends at school.

 19. My family believes I can do well in school.

 20. My family wants me to do well in school.

 21. My family helps me with my school work.

 22. If someone hits me, it's OK to hit them back.

 23. When I'm mad at someone, fighting is a poor choice.

 24. I would rather talk out a problem instead of fighting.

 25. I like learning about different cultures.

 26. I hang out with people from different cultures.

 27. People from different cultures usually like me.

 28. I feel I can talk to an adult if I get bullied at school.

 29. I don't laugh at people when someone else is teasing them.

 30. There is at least one adult in the school who will listen to me if I have problems.

 31. There is at least one teacher or adult in the school who knows me well.

 32. What do you like about this school?
 33. What do you wish was different at this school?