Secondary Climate Survey

 1. What grade are you in?
 2. What is your gender?
 3. When I am at school, I feel...

I belong.

 4. I am a good student.
  Strongly Agree
  Strongly Disagree
 5. I am working to the best of my abilities.
  Strongly Agree
  Strongly Disagree
 6. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  Strongly Agree
  Strongly Disagree
 7. I am safe.

 8. I have fun learning.

 9. This school is good.

 10. I have freedom at school.

 11. I have choices in what I learn.

 12. My teachers treat me with respect.

 13. My teachers care about me.

 14. My teachers think I will be successful.

 15. My teachers listen to my ideas.

 16. My administrator/principal care about me.

 17. My teachers believe I can learn.

 18. I am challenged by the work my teachers ask me to do.

 19. The work I do in class makes me think.

 20. I know what I am supposed to be learning in my classes.

 21. I feel quality work is expected at my school.

 22. I feel students are treated fairly.

 23. I feel students at my school treat me with respect.

 24. I feel I have a lot of friends at school.

 25. I feel I have support from learning at home.

 26. When I am at school, I feel my family believes I can do well in school.

 27. I feel my family wants me to do well in school.

 28. My teachers...

Expect me to do my best.

 29. Are understanding when students have personal problems.

 30. Set high standards for learning in their classes.

 31. Give me individual attention when I need it.

 32. Help me gain confidence in my ability to learn.

 33. Know me well.

 34. Care about me.

 35. Make learning fun.

 36. Are excited about the subjects they teach.

 37. I feel well prepared in...

My ability to write.

 38. My ability to read.

 39. My ability with mathematics.

 40. My ability to process information.

 41. My technology skills.

 42. My presentation skills.

 43. My ability to learn on my own outside of a classroom.

 44. In my classes, time is spent

Listening to the teacher talk.

 45. In whole class discussions.

 46. Working in small groups.

 47. Answering questions from a book or worksheet.

 48. Working on projects or research.

 49. Doing work that I find meaningful.

 50. Using technology.

 51. Learning about cultures and histories of ALL students.

 52. I learn well when...

I am working on projects or research.

 53. The teacher is leading a discussion with the whole class.

 54. I am working in a small group.

 55. I am working by myself.

 56. I feel comfortable talking to others about my culture.

 57. People from different cultures accept me.

 58. I have friends of more than one culture.

 59. I try to learn about other cultures.

 60. Students of different cultures get along well at this school.

 61. There is at least one adult in the school who will listen to me if I have problems.

 62. There is at least one teacher or adult in school who knows me well.

 63. I use the internet outside of school.

 64. I have a mobile device (ex Nook, Kindle, iPad, Smartphone, ect.) with internet access that I would like to use during school for academic purposes.

 65. I understand the Mission Statement of Lyle Public School.

 66. What do you like about this school?
 67. What do you wish was different at this school?